Fire STORM Firehose Sand Bags

Fire STORM Firehose Sand Bags


About Fire STORM Firehose Sand Bags:

Fire Storm Sandbags Battle tested Firefighter approved! 

Every Fire hose has a story from the intense structure fires, vehicle fires, aircraft fires to the raging California wildfires that scorch the West Coast year after year.....

Now after battling these fires time and time again these battle tested fire hoses have found a new life and that life is testing YOURS!

This time the fire that burns is from within your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Your only as good as the equipment you train with so why not continue to trust that equipment with Fire Storm Sandbags!  Fight for your life to be healthy & strong with the same equipment the Brave Men & Women of the fire service trust theirs with. 

Fire Storm Sandbags can help make you battle ready. Taking the 7 functional fitness movements Push, Pull, Plank, Squat, Lunge, Rotation, Hinge, adapted from the USMC HITT program you can and will be Fit to Fight!  

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