Fitness Training for Up and Coming Fire Fighters and for those who want to become Fire Fighter FIT

Looking into become a fire fighter?

Train with us and we will help you become fire fighter fit. Or we can help you train like a fire fighter and gain that fire fighter experience. 

Training starts by determining your limits. We push past those to build the new you. 


Train with Us 


California Fire Fit Packages:

We want to make sure we're providing the value that you need.

**all prices are negotiable**


Fire Explorer: 1 Day = $20.00 

Fire Cadet: 1 Month = $150.00 

Fire Recruit: 2 Months = $250.00 

Fire Fighter I: 3 Months = $375.00

Fire Fighter II: 6 Months = $695.00 

Fire Fighter III: 1 Year = $1,200.00